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Jun 2014
Season 2, Witches of East End  •  By  •  0 Comments

Everybody wants to know about Killian’s fate in Season 2. One fan asked about him and TV Guide answered that:

Please tell me that Killian is alive on Witches of East End! — Kitra

TV Guide: Killian’s fate will be revealed quickly in Season 2 — and where he ends up is not as important as who he ends up with. But the Beauchamp clan has more important issues to deal with, including the fact that they’ve yet to find a cure for Joanna, who is progressively getting worse after being poisoned by Penelope. Though whatever (or whoever!) came through that door from Asgard could be Joanna’s savior, Wendy believes it will be her undoing. Let the catfights begin!

Source: WitchesNow.com