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Aug 2014
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Maggie Friedman, the showrunner and creator of “Witches of East End” talks about the show and reveals a lot secrets. Check it out!

SPOILERTV: Do you and the cast get up to any antics, say… google sex spells and see if they work?

FRIEDMAN:The cast do get up to many antics! They are genuinely cool people who really get along with each other, and hang out all the time when they’re not on set. I would say Daniel (Killian) is the biggest prankster, but they’re all super-fun. And I do believe the four main women ARE secretly witches. At least — I wouldn’t be surprised if they had magical powers. They’re all pretty magic. I love hanging out with them — there’s lots of laughter and hijinks. They’re just FUN.

SPOILERTV: Seeing the past lives of the witches through the years is amazing! Will we see more about Dash (his porn-stache on Sunday’s episode was hilarious) and Killian’s past and how they ended up as Athena’s children?

FRIEDMAN:We will definitely learn more about Dash and Killian in the past, and they will learn more about Archibald Browning and their connection to him and their mother’s true identity. And there is a storyline coming up in which we will explore a past life of Killian’s, in which he was a famous figure from history who was involved with the Beauchamps in the 1800s!

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