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Jan 2015
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Our gallery has been update with 3 stills from the movie “Origami Fox”. Check them out.

danielonline_origamifox_still_ (1) danielonline_origamifox_still_ (2) danielonline_origamifox_still_ (3)

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Dec 2014
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I have added 4 photos of Daniel di Tomasso at ‘Food Chains’ Premiere. Check them out.

DanielOnline_016 DanielOnline_017 DanielOnline_018

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Dec 2014
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Our gallery has been updated with 5 photos from the event “TV Guide Magazine’s Hot List Party”. Check them out!

DanielOnline_001 DanielOnline_002 DanielOnline_004

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Dec 2014
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Last month, when Lifetime announced that it will be axing the supernatural television drama ‘Witches of East End’ just after being aired for two seasons, it came as a surprise to many. Now fans are keen to see the return for a third season – at least on some other network.

Substantiating its decision to cancel ‘Witches of East End’, Lifetime pointed out that the viewership of the show had declined considerably during its second season. Deadline stated that ‘Witches of East End’ Season 2 had an average viewership of just 1.1 million – a drop of 42 percent from the first season.

Meanwhile, taking a cue from the cancellation as well as the return of ‘Longmire’, fans of ‘Witches of East End’ are now demanding that the show be renewed for another season. In fact, fans of ‘Longmire’ were successful getting back their favorite show on the TV sets. They not only flooded the social media with their demands, but also signed petitions for the return of ‘Longmire’ and eventually Netflix picked the show up after A&E cancelled it after three seasons.

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Nov 2014
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1. It’s incredibly addictive. Witches of East End has tight and involving storylines that always leave you counting down the days for the next episode. Very few shows manage to achieve that.

2. It has four strong female lead characters. Even in 2014 there are far more shows with strong male leads than there are strong female leads. Witches of East End features four strong women each with their own unique traits, powers and personalities. The characterisation is strong in the show and it’s one of the things we love so much about it.

3. It’s incredible main cast. Every single member of the main cast is fantastic. Julia Ormond brings gravitas to the show, Jenna Dewan Tatum and Rachel Boston bring wide-eyed innocence and youth, and Madchen Amick brings plenty of comedy flourishes and a feisty performance. The chemistry between the four is brilliant and forms the heart of the show.

4. Frederick (Christian Cooke) and Wendy’s fates. As the season two finale drew to a close Frederick lay seemingly dead on the floor and Wendy appeared to be in hell after giving her life for Tommy’s (Ignacio Serricchio). Seriously they’re going to leave us hanging on those two?

5. The Gardiner brothers. Another aspect of the show we loved was the ongoing war between Dash and Killian (Daniel Di Tomasso). At the end of season two Dash swapped bodies with Killian leaving his brother trapped in prison whilst he deceived Freya. We want to see Freya figure it out and the knock-on effect of getting back into bed with her former fiancé without realising she’d done it.

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Nov 2014
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News came out yesterday that after two seasons the show “Witches of East End” on Lifetime has been canceled. Fans are not happy with this decision and will do anything they can to get it back. On Wednesday, Inquistr shared how fans are working hard to make them change their mind.

The viewers of this show are even threatening to boycott Lifetime totally if they don’t bring the show back. A petition on iPetitions talks about how much fans want a return. They are taking to Twitter with the hashtag #PetitionToRenewWitchesOfEastEnd to work on getting signatures. It already has over 15,000 signatures and is gaining more by the day.

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Nov 2014
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Lifetime’s supernatural drama about the all-powerful Beauchamp family has been cancelled after just two seasons, TVLine has confirmed.

Witches second season finale set up a hell of a third outing for the Beauchamp women: Ingrid (Rachel Boston) learned she was pregnant, an incarcerated Dash (Eric Winter) swapped bodies with brother Killian (Daniel Di Tomasso) and Wendy (Mädchen Amick) finally came face to face with her estranged sister in hell.

Unfortunately, we’ll never get to see any of that play out.

TVLine’s Cable Renewal Scorecard has been updated to reflect Witches‘ cancellation.

Source: TV Line

Oct 2014
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I have added 7 photos in our gallery taken by Kei Moreno. Check them out!

Fashionisto_Exclusive_ (1) Fashionisto_Exclusive_ (2) Fashionisto_Exclusive_ (3)

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Oct 2014
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“Witches of East End” has nominated for the People’s Choice Awards as “Favorite Cable Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Show”. Vote now!

Oct 2014
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Maggie Friedman talks about the season finale of “Witches of East End”. Check it out!

IBT: A lot of people are very upset with what you did to Killian (Daniel Di Tomasso). They’re really angry – I’m really angry!

MF: Yes, the Romeo and Juliet! They’re the star-crossed lovers — Killian and Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum). He thinks she’s dead, and so he poisons himself. Yeah, that’s a pickle he’s got himself into, and the way that unfolds is pretty cool. I’m excited for people to see that.

And of course we still have Edgard Allen Poe who is played by Daniel who plays Killian. He is a big part of the finale as well. Daniel has done such an incredible job of inhabiting this other character who has the same soul as Killian but is a totally different character than Killian. I was really impressed with how Daniel had pulled off the Poe.

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