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Our gallery has been updated with 2 more Daniel’s photoshoot. Check them out:

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– Photoshoot > Session 33
– Photoshoot > Session 34
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Okay, WitchEEs, I don’t know if my heart is prepared, but here is: Witches of East End can turn in to a movie.

Yeah! The news was posted on and I’m freaking out since yesterday. Check out the news:

Witches of East End” may have been canceled in November, but fans of the supernatural drama are still campaigning for a season three. As of March 30, an online petition to renew the series has received just short of 129, 000 signatures.

In addition to the petition, fans of the canceled series have promoted their message to renew the show through social media using the #RenewWitchesofEastEnd.

The show is a toss up for whether or not it will be renewed. Rachel Boston, who played Ingrid Beauchamp on “Witches of East End,” has even signed on as a series regular in the CBS pilot, “For Justice” according to a report by Deadline.

Recently, “Witches of East End” actress Madchen Amick, who played Wendy Beauchamp tweeted her followers on social media, “Do the #witchEEs want a #woEEmovie?? If so, let @20thcenturyfox know…we want to hear from u!”

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I have added 4 UHQ pictures of Daniel di Tomasso from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 2006. Check them out:

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– Events › 2006 › Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

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Things are not looking good for ‘Witches of East End’. It’s been a few months now and there is still no word on whether the recently cancelled Lifetime show will be picked up by a different network or service. While that hardly guarantees anything, things are looking grim for the show.

Still, that hasn’t deterred the show’s very passionate fans. As organized in this blog, ‘Witches’ fans are attempting a last-minute rally in the form of online petitions, phone rallies, and passionately worded letters to network executives. As of this time, an online petition to save the show has garnered over 120,000 signatures, according to an article at Carter Matt.

As with every save-a-show campaign these days, the fans are also campaigning the streaming service Netflix to pick up the show. Netflix has as of late been rescuing shows such as ‘Longmire’ and has been quite active in developing content for its platform rather than relying on other networks for its content. It will still take a considerable amount of fan support for the show to be saved, but having Netflix as an additional candidate for a ‘Witches’ renewal is always a good thing.

For her part, the show’s producer Maggie Friedman continues to hold out hope for ‘Witches’ on her official Twitter account. The screenwriter and producer of ‘Witches of East End’ tweeted pictures of a Witches cast reunion and added the hashtag #RenewWitchesofEastEnd.

From the looks of the captured images, the cast of ‘Witches’ seem very happy together. Included in the photos are cast regulars Daniel di Tomasso, Eric Winter, Jenna Dewan Tatum, and many others.

Fans of the show are certainly doing their part in continuing to support the show and this continued optimistic stance from Friedman and company should assure them that the show’s creators are still passionate about the project. Head on over to this blog to find out how to show your support.


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– Photoshoot › Session 32 – David Wang

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– Photoshoot › Session 31

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hanro1 hanro2 hanro3

– photoshoot > session 30 – Hanro
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Our gallery has been update with 3 stills from the movie “Origami Fox”. Check them out.

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I have added 4 photos of Daniel di Tomasso at ‘Food Chains’ Premiere. Check them out.

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– Public Events › 2014 › Premiere Of “Food Chains” – LA
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Our gallery has been updated with 5 photos from the event “TV Guide Magazine’s Hot List Party”. Check them out!

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Public Events › 2013 › TV Guide Magazine’s Hot List Party