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Oct 2014
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Maggie Friedman talks about the season finale of “Witches of East End”. Check it out!

IBT: A lot of people are very upset with what you did to Killian (Daniel Di Tomasso). They’re really angry – I’m really angry!

MF: Yes, the Romeo and Juliet! They’re the star-crossed lovers — Killian and Freya (Jenna Dewan Tatum). He thinks she’s dead, and so he poisons himself. Yeah, that’s a pickle he’s got himself into, and the way that unfolds is pretty cool. I’m excited for people to see that.

And of course we still have Edgard Allen Poe who is played by Daniel who plays Killian. He is a big part of the finale as well. Daniel has done such an incredible job of inhabiting this other character who has the same soul as Killian but is a totally different character than Killian. I was really impressed with how Daniel had pulled off the Poe.

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