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Apr 2016
Daniel di Tomasso, Interview  •  By  •  0 Comments

Hi, guys! It is with great pleasure I come here to say Daniel di Tomasso gave us an interview. We’re so happy that no words can explain our feelings right now.

So please, if you repost this interview credit to us.

Special thanks to Kei Moreno (Daniel’s wife) who made this interview possible. And, of course, thanks to Daniel for being so lovely and answer our questions!!! We love you, guys! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

Now check out the full interview:

Daniel di Tomasso Online: Hello, Daniel! It’s a great pleasure to have this interview with you! We heard about your new TV series and we’re so happy for you, Daniel. Can you talk about this new Project or this is secret for now?

Daniel: My pleasure, thank you for reaching out! The new television series is called Conviction. It is a legal drama with a twist (bunch of lawyers, investigators and forensics experts, work together to look at cases where there’s credible suspicion that the wrong person may have been convicted of a crime)
It is still in it’s pilot phase so there are still many variables up in the air. I’m hoping the show goes to series as I think it could be quite good.

DTOnline: How do you prepare yourself to bring a new character to life? Do you follow any special methods or anything like that?

Daniel: This is a tough question. I feel like my “method” depends on many factors when approaching a project. However, the “homework” I do before I even fully engage the material never changes.
After combing through the script for clues on who the writer thinks the character is, I do my research and start thinking about who I want the character to be. I try and learn as much as possible about who he is. For example, where is he from? What socio-economic background is he from? Education? Upbringing? Cultural identity? and the list goes on… From there, I work out what my character is after in the scene, his relationships to the other characters, etc… The more clear I am on who the character is and what he wants, the more freedom I have play on the day and the more fun it is to bring to life.

DTOnline: Besides the new show, do you have another project in progress? A movie, maybe?

Daniel: There are a couple of projects still being worked out so I’m hesitant to talk about them 😉 The show “Conviction” is the biggest news at the moment.

DTOnline: As an actor what is the hardest part (for you) of acting? And the easiest part?

Daniel: One of the hardest parts of the profession, for me, is falling in love with a character or project and not getting the opportunity to bring it to life. The easiest part (once the job is booked) is the work. I enjoy developing a character and I especially enjoy being on set and sparing with other actors on the day. There will always be day to day challenges, but it’s easy in the sense that it just doesn’t feel like work when you’re finally doing what you love.

DTOnline: Do you have any advice for young people who wants to follow a career as an actor or a model?

Daniel: Follow your intuition and never compromise who you are for this business. Both professions can be hard on the ego. Like anything, do it because you love it, success is the icing on the cake.

DTOnline: You know that you have a lot of fans since Witches of East End. Was it hard to see yourself in this stardom? You know, to be recognized by several people receiving all the love by a fandom…

Daniel: My day to day life hasn’t changed much. On occasion a fan of the show might recognize me and ask for a picture. I always enjoy meeting fans because it is a reminder that people enjoy the stories that I play a part in telling. I’m very flattered that people appreciate the work.

DTOnline: I know that the show was [Witches of East End] cancelled, but as a fan I need to say that I’m so proud of everything about that show. I mean, I know you and all cast are used to hear compliments and things like that all the time, but I just wanna say thank you for bringing Killian to life. Thank you for giving your best. I’m so greateful for that.

Daniel: Thank you for that. I had so much fun being a part of “Witches”. I still feel that there is much more of that story to tell and I hope that one day we’re able wrap up some of those cliffhangers!

DTOnline: By the way, I’m from Brazil. Can you please send a message to your Brazilian fans? Believe me, you have a lot of fans here. We’ll never forget Killian and we can’t wait to see you in this new stage of your career.

Daniel: Hello Brazil!!! Thank you so much for the support. I hope to visit and explore your country sometime soon. It has always been a place I’ve wanted to experience. I hear only good things.

DTOnline: Thank you so much for this interview, Daniel! I wish you all the best and all the luckin the world for this new step in your life.

Daniel: Absolutely. Thank you for taking the time and, of course, for your support and interest in my career. All the best!

Daniel di Tomasso.