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Oct 2016
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According to Deadline, Daniel has been cast in three television series as a recurring character: NBC’s new time-travel drama Timeless, TNT’s Major Crimes and Amazon’s Good Girls Revolt. Read more about each one below. Timeless, from Eric Shipke and Shawn Ryan, is about a mysterious criminal who steals a secret state-of-the-art time machine, intent on destroying America as we know it by changing the past. DiTomasso will play Noah, the

Sep 2016
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Our gallery has been updated with 133 captures from Major Crimes episode 5×12 ‘White Lies Part 2’. Check them out: – (2016) Major Crimes > 05×12 ‘White Lies Part 2’ – Episode Captures

Aug 2016
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For siblings Brie, Daniel, Crew, and Jess, family has always come first. But when Crew (Daniel DiTomasso) invites his girlfriend Sara (Kate French) into the family, distrust begins to bubble between the siblings. Seeing Sara as a threat, Brie (Fiona Dourif) grows spiteful and increasingly suspicious that she is being replaced. That is, until the night Crew attempts to murder her in their family house. Traumatized, Brie is sent to

Jun 2016
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Sad news, Folks! Unfortunately, Daniel has exited ‘Conviction’. This is sad because I was so excited to see him on this show. But I know that more projects will come. Check out the article: Daniel DiTomasso has exited Conviction, ABC’s upcoming drama series from the Mark Gordon Co. and ABC Studios, which is slated to debut this fall. Co-created by Liz Friedman, who wrote the script, and Liz Friedlander, who will

May 2016
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On May 17, ABC presented the new calendar for the Fall Season and Conviction will be aired every Monday after Dancing with the Stars. Until the present moment we don’t have any date for the release. Keep your eyes open, ’cause we’ll update the site with all the news about the show!

Apr 2016
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Hi, guys! It is with great pleasure I come here to say Daniel di Tomasso gave us an interview. We’re so happy that no words can explain our feelings right now. So please, if you repost this interview credit to us. Special thanks to Kei Moreno (Daniel’s wife) who made this interview possible. And, of course, thanks to Daniel for being so lovely and answer our questions!!! We love you,

Apr 2016
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Our gallery has been updated with 141 captures from Grimm’s episode 5×16 ‘The Believer’. Check them out: – (2016) Grimm > 5×16 | The Believer – Screen Captures

Mar 2016
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Great news, folks!!! Daniel joins the new ABC’s drama ‘Conviction’!! Check out all the information about his new character: Daniel di Tomasso (Witches of East End) has booked a series regular role in ABC’s legal drama pilot Conviction, from The Mark Gordon Co. and ABC Studios. Co-created by Liz Friedman, who wrote the script, and Liz Friedlander, who will direct the pilot, Conviction stars Hayley Atwell as Carter Morrison, the

Feb 2016
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In interview with DA MAN, Daniel talks about his carrier and about your plans to the future. Check it out! Stop us if you’ve heard this before: A strapping young man begins his career as a model for a renowned modeling agency, booking jobs in some of the biggest cities in the world, all while trying to figure out a way to make it in Hollywood. He finally gets his